Rodriguez M. Belen c/Google y Otro s/ daños y perjuicios,

Corte Suprema [Supreme Court], Civil, R.522.XLIX.
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Court Decision
The case discussed the question whether search engines are liable for linking in search results to third-party content that violates fundamental rights or infringes copyright. The decision was largely favorable to search engines. The Court (1) repudiated a strict liability standard and adopted a test based on actual knowledge and negligence; (2) requested judicial review for issuing a notice to take down content (except in a few cases of "gross and manifest harm"); (3) rejected any filtering obligation to prevent infringing links from appearing in the future;  and, finally, (4) construed Google Image thumbnails as links and not Google’s own content. See also CIS Blog
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Defamation or Personality Rights
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