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French Minister of Culture specifies aspects of upcoming anti-misinformation law

February 4, 2018

In an interview published on February 4, 2018, French Minister of Culture Françoise Nyssen specified that the upcoming law against misinformation, announced by French President Emmanuel Macron in January 2018, would introduce "new requirements for platforms, which will have to cooperate with the...

The ‘Right to Be Forgotten’, the right to be included, and global content regulation

September 21, 2015

Today the French Data Protection regulator, CNIL, reaffirmed its position that Google must apply European “Right to Be Forgotten” (RTBF) law globally, by removing content from its services in all countries.  Europe’s RTBF laws are rooted in citizens' rights to data protection and privacy.  They are...

French Court Forces Google to Proactively Block Photographs of Sexual Escapade from Image Search

November 21, 2013

The long standing saga of Max Moseley’s sexual images has recently offered European decision makers a new opportunity to strike a balance between freedom of expression and the right of privacy in light of the ubiquitous and unstoppable distribution of information propelled by the power of Internet...

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