2nd Criminal Court of Peace of Sivas, Ataturk, No. 2008/11

Document type
Court Decision
Ordering an IP address based access ban to YouTube.com as the website contained two further videos containing defamatory statements about Ataturk contrary to article 8(1)(b) of the Law No. 5651 and Law on crimes committed against Ataturk (Law No. 5816, dated 25/7/1951), and content contrary to article 301 (Insulting Turkishness, the Republic, the organs and institutions of the State) of the Turkish Criminal Code.
Topic, claim, or defense
Defamation or Personality Rights
Document type
Court Decision
Issuing entity
Lowest Domestic Court
Type of service provider
Host (Including Social Networks)
Issues addressed
Limitation on Scope of Compliance (Geographic, Temporal, etc.)
OSP obligation considered
Block or Remove
General effect on immunity
Weakens Immunity
General intermediary liability model
Takedown/Act Upon Court Order