Anvers Court of Appeal, Criminal, Belgacom SA/NV, Scarlet Belgium SA/NV, Edpnet SA/NV & Mobistar SA/NV (The Pirate Bay case II), No. K.379/13 / 2013/697, February, 14 2013

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Court Decision
Upholding the request of issuing a permanent blocking order for the primary domain name “” and other domain names redirecting to this primary domain name. This criminal proceeding was initiated by a public prosecutor after additional domain names directing to ThePirateBay website, other than those blocked under the civil ruling of September 26, 2011, were registered and put back online. The Court of Appeal upheld the decision issued by the court of first instance. The district court decision upheld a preliminary injunction ordering that all the Belgian Internet operators and distributors must block access to the content hosted by servers linked to the primary domain name "" and their IP address and, in particular "by employing all possible technical means at their disposal or at least by blocking all domain names that refer to the server linked to“ The order did not contain any exhaustive list of domain names to be blocked or a time restriction.
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Court Decision
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Appellate Domestic Court
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Internet Access Provider (Including Mobile)
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