Copyright Act 404/1961, July 8, 1961

As in force from June 1, 2015
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Section 60a empowers a court to order an intermediary of those users to disclose information of subscribers who make copyrighted content available to the public "to a significant extent". Section 60b governs a suit to forbid continuing the infringement. Section 60c provides a possibility for an "injunction to discontinue" for intermediaries, essentially providing for website blocking or user disconnection orders in case the operator can be identified. In case of a preliminary injunction, the claimant is required to sue the infringer as per Section 60b. Section 60d provides for an interlocutory injunctions in situations like Section 60c. Section 60e provides for blocking injunctions in cases where the operator cannot be identified, for at most one year at at time. Section 60f provides inter alia that in a typical case, the rightholders and intermediaries will bear their own costs. These provisions implement Article 8(3) of Infosoc Directive (2001/29/EC) and Article 9 of Enforcement Directive (2004/48/EC).
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