Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000

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The main Act dealing with Copyright in Ireland.  The Act has been amended a number of times and most of the amendments are available here. Of particular relevance to intermediaries, section 40(3) of the Act states that  the provision of facilities for enabling the making available to the public of copies of a work shall not of itself constitute an act of making available to the public of copies of the work.  S.40(4) states that where a person who provides facilities referred to in s.40(3) is notified by the owner of the copyright that those facilities are being used to infringe the copyright and the person fails to remove the infringing material as soon as practicable thereafter that person shall also be liable for the infringement. An additional subsection was added to s. 40 in 2012 – see European Union (Copyright and Related Rights) Regulations 2012 above. 
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