Court of Appeal of Helsinki, Elisa, S 11/3097, June 15, 2012 (Supreme Court denied leave to appeal)

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These cases concerned blocking access to The Pirate Bay. Requests were granted, but the court approved the list of blocked IP addresses and DNS names. Court approval is required for any changes to this list. The cases have been reported in English (along with other cases) in Pekka Savola, Proportionality of Website Blocking: Internet Connectivity Providers as Copyright Enforcers, 5 JIPITEC 116 (forthcoming 2/2014). District Court decision is also discussed in Marcus Norrgård, Blocking Web Sites – Experiences from Finland in Johan Axhamn (ed.), Copyright in a Borderless Online Environment (Norstedts Juridik 2012). For more extensive discussion in Finnish, see eg. Pekka Savola, Internet-operaattoreihin kohdistetut tekijänoikeudelliset estomääräykset erityisesti vertaisverkkopalvelun osalta’ (Licentiate of Science (Technology) thesis, Aalto University 2013) and Taina Pihlajarinne, Internetvälittäjä ja tekijänoikeuden loukkaus (Lakimiesliiton Kustannus 2012).
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