Criminal code (spec. Art.172a-174, Article 159(1) and 159(3)), May 01, 1968 [English version]

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(1) Under the LCNR and the Criminal Code (CC), it is illegal to “upload (reproduction), distribute and make available (broadcast), transmits infringing content” on the Internet. Article 172а (1) of the Criminal Code states that “every person who uploads (reproduces), distributes and makes available infringing content or transmits, or makes any other use of the object of a copyright or neighboring right without the consent of the rightholder as required by law, shall be punished by up to five years imprisonment and a fine up to BGN 5,000”. The LCNR in  § 2 (3-5)  defines the terms “upload (reproduction)”, “distribute” and “make available (broadcasting)”. Both the Internet providers hosting the infringing materials and the end users who upload (reproduce) may be held liable under this provision because the law does not make any difference on how the infringement is made and “every person” may be held liable under this provision. 
(2) Legal provisions for blocking access to child pornography exist. Whoever produces, exhibits, broadcasts, offers, sells, lends or in any other way circulates works of pornographic content involving a minor, underage person, or a person with such an appearance shall be imprisoned for up to five years.
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