Federal Court of Canada, BMG Canada Inc v John Doe, 2004 FC 488

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Court Decision
Representatives from the recording industry sought an order to compel various ISPs to disclose the identity of those who used P2P file-sharing networks (KaZaA and iMesh) to share and download over 1000 music files that were protected by copyright. The court held that an order for the release of subscriber information may be granted if the copyright holder can show a bona fide claim and different interests including the subscribers’ privacy rights must be be balanced. Here, the order was denied because privacy concerns outweighed the benefits of disclosure. It was also noted that even if a disclosure is granted, the court could place certain restrictions on the order to protect the privacy interests of the accused. 
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Privacy or Data Protection
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Court Decision
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Appellate Domestic Court
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Data Retention or Disclosure
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