Google Inc v Trkulja [2016] VSCA 333

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Court Decision

In similar facts to the earlier 2012 decision, Mr Trkulja again brought a claim in defamation against Google for defamatory search results. Google Inc. sought to set aside service outside the jurisdiction. The Victorian Supreme Court of Appeal held that Google had established that Mr Trkulja had no real prospect of success at trial. The Court largely accepted that search results would be 'published' by Google, but found that the material complained about was not likely to carry defamatory imputations. The Court found that ‘the ordinary, reasonable search engine user’ would not assume that Trkulja was a convicted criminal merely because his image was displayed in search results that also returned images of underworld figures, police officers, and crime reporters.

Trkulja has appealed the decision to the High Court of Australia.

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Defamation or Personality Rights
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Court Decision
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Search Engine or Index
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