High Court, Ryanair v Johnston, 2005/514P

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Court Decision
This was an action against the operators and moderator of an internet site and bulletin board set up to facilitate discussions by Ryanair pilots.  Ryanair alleged that bullying and intimidation of pilots was taking place on the site and sought ‘Norwich Pharmacal’ orders to disclose the identities of certain users of the bulletin board. On reviewing the evidence, Smyth J. found that there was no evidence of bullying or intimidation or that Ryanair had suffered loss. He distinguished this case from EMI v Eircom, 2005 (see below) and the English case of Totalise v Motley Fool 2001 EWCA Civ 1897.  He also stated that a balance needed to be struck between justice and privacy.   
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Court Decision
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Web Host (Technical Hosting)
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