Previti v. Wikimedia, 12262/13

Tribunale di Roma [Tribunal of Rome], Civil, IP Specialized Section.
Document type
Court Decision
Ruling against the plaintiff - who claimed that Wikipedia was responsible for the inaccurate and defamatory statements posted by individual users on the page devoted to him. The court found that, according to the Italian E-commerce Decree, Wikimedia must be considered a hosting provider, and therefore cannot be liable for the content created by users. The Court concluded that Wikimedia is clear about its role as a hosting provider by means of a general disclaimer and that, while the system is based on users’ freedom to provide entries and add content, the same is balanced by the possibility for anyone to edit errors, modify undesirable content and to ask for its elimination through the community review processes.
Topic, claim, or defense
Defamation or Personality Rights
Document type
Court Decision
Issuing entity
Lowest Domestic Court
Type of service provider
Host (Including Social Networks)
Type of law
General effect on immunity
Strengthens Immunity