Royal Legislative Decree No. 1/1996, enacting the consolidated text of the Copyright Act, April 12, 1996 (as amended by the Law No. 21/2014, November 4, 2014)

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(1) implementing the InfoSoc Directive (2001/29) mandatory exception for temporary acts of reproduction which are transient or incidental, have no independent economic significance, and are an integral and essential part of a technological process whose sole purpose is to enable (a) a transmission in a network among third parties by an intermediary, or (b) a lawful use (art. 31.1);  (2) providing that copyright owners may ask for injunctions, where appropriate, against an intermediary whose services are resorted to by a third party to infringe copyright, even where the intermediary’s activity is not infringing in itself (arts. 138, 139.1.h, 141.6);  (3) creating an administrative body -- the Second Section of the Copyright Commission (CPI) -- which orders injunctions against information society services who infringe on copyright, particularly websites providing links to infringing works in a purposeful and massive way; it may require payment, advertising, and access service providers to stop providing their services to the infringer; (4) creating a compulsory levy on news aggregators (art. 32); (5) establishing inducement, contributory and vicarious liability for copyright infringements (art. 138). See also CIS Blog
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