Tribunale di Milano [Tribunal of Milan], Criminal, Reti Televisive Italiane

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Court Decision
Ordering Internet Service Providers to block access to 10 websites streaming football games without authorization upon a claim of the main Italian private broadcaster (RTI-Mediaset), since the unlawful streaming infringed its exclusive rights to broadcast the games. The order was on Article 171-ter (2) a-bis of the Italian Copyright Law, which punishes with a criminal fine whomever makes available to the public 1a copyrighted work by inserting it into a computer system, without authorization, through connections of any type. In particular, the court specified that football games, per se, may not be considered as copyrighted works, while video recordings of the same, characterized by a specific technical and creative contribution, may be considered as such.
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Court Decision
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Internet Access Provider (Including Mobile)
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