Tribunale di Roma [Tribunal of Rome], Civil, IP Specialized Section, Reti Televisive Italiane v. Il Post, 15055/13

Document type
Court Decision
Ruling that by providing links to streaming services, an Italian news website had infringed on copyrights owned by a major Italian media company in relation to the broadcasting of football matches. Although a simple item of information indicating the availability of streaming football matches websites may constitute the legitimate exercise of right of freedom of the press, the systematic and repeated posting. Using links to matches about to start had the effect of offering to the public a tool for the immediate and easy identification of sites where they can see the event for free. The Court of Rome prohibited the provision, in any way, of information on the name and how to access the websites allowing the unlawful streaming of the Italian media company’s content.
Topic, claim, or defense
Freedom of Expression
Document type
Court Decision
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Lowest Domestic Court
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Host (Including Social Networks)
OSP obligation considered
Block or Remove
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